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Welcome to Mahatma ELA, the E learning and Assessment System developed in association with Mahatma Montessori Schools. This system is a complete end to end solution for schools from defining the objectives of learning for each grade level, to creating lesson plans, designing and creating worksheets, adaptive learning technology, analytical tools and much more.

This is a holistic approach to learning by creating an intelligent workflow that encompasses classroom learning to in depth analytics so every student is provided with a personalized learning support system.

Mahatma ELA also provides the following services to schools and educational institutions.



ERP Services

Learning Management system

Professional Services

Health & Hygiene

Teacher Management

Student Guidance

School Meal

Content Management

Visual & Performing arts

Student Guidance

Safety & Security

School Transport

Our Features
A study plan for every student

Live Classes
Our teachers connect with students through high quality video meetings.

Online Tests
Multiple test formats are available to assess a student’s performance.

Our teachers post regular podcast on various subjects.

Online Recorded Classes
Recorded classes assist our children to review chapters at their convenience.

Class Schedules
A calendar provides schedules of classes. Reminders are sent by the app.

Track Your Performance
Students can access and review their performance through various charts.

A huge library of worksheets can be accessed from our database.

All topics include extra curricular activities. Our blog lists grade level activities.

Online Report Card
A personalized report card is available for every student.

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